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Association de promotion du cheval de trait ardennais: ''Mener au Savoir Fer''

L'association dispose d'infrastructure: carrières de sable, carrière en herbe, boxes, sellerie, maréchalerie, douches, sanitaires, etc pour participation concours, entraînement, randonnées…

Cheval de Trait Ardennais
Elevage en Haute-Marne près de Langres
Association de Promotion du cheval
Elevage dressage de chevaux
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Cheval de Trait, Cheval Ardennais, Ardennais, Lorraine, Meuse, Meurthe et Moselle, Haute-marne.
thermalisme, proche casino, cure thermale, proche A31, proximité Suisse.
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Join our association 'Mener au Savoir Fer' and profit from our equipments: specialised infrastructures, two outside sand working paddocks, one grass obstacle course, stalls, saddle house, horse shoeing facilities, a horse shower, sanitaries, etc.

The association was created in 2001 by Pascal Guichard, and today numbers around fifty active members. The association made possible a number of events:
  • an annual carriage pulling competition,
  • an annual horse trek for riders,
  • an open door day with ballads in carriages,
  • discovery days for schools,
  • a special training session for the ardennais team for the 'Route du Poisson'
Come join us !

Some pictures of the events :