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Devenir éleveur, dresseur, propriétaire d'un cheval de trait ardennais hébergé

Découvrez nos chevaux de trait ardennais hébergés, pour devenir propriétaire: atteler, monter, faire travailler, se promener, entraîner, concourir, louer box…

Cheval de Trait, Cheval Ardennais.
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Chevaux de Trait, chevaux de, chevaux Ardennais.
Lorraine, Meuse, Meurthe et Moselle, Haute-marne, Doubs, Franche Comté, Haute Sâone, Jura, Langres, Gray, Luxeuil, Belfort, plombières les Bains, Bains les bains, A31, proche Suisse.
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Cheval de Trait Ardennais
Elevage en Haute-Marne près de Langres
Association de Promotion du cheval
Elevage dressage de chevaux
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Chevaux à vendre
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Breeders, raisers

Our first call is breeding, we have been raising Ardennais draft horses for the last 15 years. We select them as much for their character as for their morphologies and we train them for both pleasure and work activities.

Today, we suggest you come and see our horse farm for yourself, and maybe choose your future horse to, who knows, harness him, ride him or make him a work horse all that in the safety of a specialised and well adapted infrastructure.
We will be there to welcome and counsel you.
We can accomodate you ...

Owners and users

We regularily present our horses in competitions and other events (such as the Route du Poisson, the young horse competitions, the harnessing competitions, mariages, etc...), so as to promote the Ardennais race and our breeding farm. You can meet us in many exhibitions, such as the Salon du Cheval in Paris or the Salon de L’agriculture.

Our products are present all over France, even in parts of Europe. Some participate in high level competitions, others work in the city, in the forest or for the agriculture. Still others work in specialised centers and schools, some pull people in carriages in numerous touristic sites in France (maybe you have met them in the gardens and parks of the great castles, or in adventure parks?)

With no temper to speak of, it is a steady, docile and soft giant. The Ardennais comes trotting back because of its multiple qualities and its ability to adapt to any surrounding.

Breeders, trainers and users, we want you to share our passion, to promote this race and to adopt them. The way they adopted us 15 years ago !

All our horses are raised to become leisure horses in families or working horses for the society and that's a great future !